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Honoring the Sacred: Developing the Divine Feminine and Masculine

I increasingly hear talk about Sacred Relationships or Divine Feminine/Masculine aspects of self, what they need, and what they need from the other. What does it mean to be firmly grounded in our sacred inner feminine and/or masculine? And, what … Continue reading

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To Measure

The New Year is well underway and you may have noticed that it is an intense time in your life. It is a time where people are working through a lot of their past issues. Even the past few weeks … Continue reading

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Happy New Year-Acknowledge Yourself

What I find most beneficial about celebrating The New Year is that it marks a cycle that can help us reflect on how we feel. I like to use this time to note my gratitudes for the past year and … Continue reading

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Is Valentines Day a Holy Day?

Because of the timeliness of this blog it is being simultainiously posted here and ¬†at¬† What is the purpose of Valentines day? How does it differ for men, women, and children? How can we best utilize the day, transcend the … Continue reading

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I often feel like the way we measure time is arbitrary. While it is obvious that each year is a natural cycle measured by the sun, I think it can be helpful to live beyond the yearly cycle and commit … Continue reading

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